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The Sirens of Suspense


This is it, the end of Halloween week! Thanks so much to all the Berkley Prime Crime authors who joined us this week.Don't forget to comment on any of the blogs that went up this week to be eligible to win the grand prize!

Because some readers have been affected by Hurricane Sandy I'm extending the deadline to comment on any of the blogs to be entered for the grand prize for another week. Please take a moment to visit The Red Cross and The Humane Society websites, both are accepting emergency donations which will go to immediate use for disaster relief, also find out where you can donate blood today HERE.



Carolyn Hart is the author of over 40 novels. She writes three series. The Death on Demand series, the Henrie O series and the Bailey Ruth Raeburn series. She has also written several WWII novels, including ESCAPE FROM PARIS and LETTER FROM HOME. Hart's books have won the Agatha three times for Best Mystery Novel and been nominated nine times. Hart is a past president of Sisters in Crime and lives in Oklahoma City with her husband Phil. Her most recent book, DEATH COMES SILENTLY (which we’re giving away at the bottom of this post) the 22nd in the Death on Demand series, was released in April.

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All good spirits enjoy Hallowe'en and that's why I set the first Bailey Ruth Raeburn mystery at Hallowe'en. In GHOST IN TROUBLE, the late Bailey Ruth Raeburn returns to earth to help someone in trouble and arrives in the midst of Hallowe'en festivities. Bailey Ruth will return in a summertime adventure in Fall 2013 in HIJACKED GHOST. This tale won't be set on the night when witches fly, but, as all mystery readers know, ghosts and goblins aren't confined to the night of October 31.

Ghosts from the past and goblins in troubled hearts bring more than a clanking of chains. They disrupt lives and it is this disruption that writers explore in their mysteries. In this fall's WHAT THE CAT SAW, a young woman struggling with grief finds herself oddly attuned to the thoughts in cat's minds, an ability that she decides is simply an attempt to avoid painful realities. But when Nela Farley walks into a strange apartment on a winter night and looks into the eyes of a cat, she learns more than is safe to know. Nela is forced to fight suspicion and danger when she encounters troubled hearts as an accident turns into murder. Then Nela looks again into the eyes of a cat and knows that death is near. 

I hope this Hallowe'en that revelers will enjoy sacks of candies and mysteries that vanquish ghosts and goblins.  




HAVE A GHOST STORY OF YOUR OWN? Tell us, or ask Carolyn a question by commenting below or visit us and share your thoughts on our Facebook page. and be entered to win Friday's grand prize of a book from each of this week's guest authors!

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